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Excerpt from a Conversation with an Elder Day Laborer (Translation)

J: I’m just a simple man. There’s nothing exceedingly special about me. I work with my hands and my wife has her own cleaning business. I’m an old man… but, if there’s one thing I know it’s the character of a person.
R: I admire what you do because you work with your hands. You create new things and that’s something I can’t do at a desk.
J: I can tell you’re a good person, R. You’re a respectable, humble man. I know this. I’m proud of you.
R: Thank you, J. Thank you a lot.
J: You don’t have any vices. Do you?
R: I don’t drink or smoke… No.
J: See? I can tell.
R: My father has always struggled with alcohol. It’s why I’ve never touched it (condensed).
J: I believe that God has an important imperative for you.
R: … You think?
J: Yes and when the day comes I’m going to tell everyone I know that I worked alongside you for a time.
R: … Ha… Thank you. Let’s go on to the next one.