The Prince of Clocktower

The Prince of Clock Tower


A prince without a cause,

A prince without a pause,

Of the hilltop clock tower castle,

Without a single fair damsel.


Born of a foolish king,

And a much too trusting queen,

This prince of ice knew little love,

In much too quick he was sent to his own castle,

A castle of ice,

A castle of dark,

Where the days went by,

With the ticking and the tocking of the clock.


Cobbled streets fancied shops,

Beautiful flowers and old trees,

Flowing river and flying birds,

But the prince kept locked away near his tower.


All around him children played,

And dogs rejoiced,

Couples kissed and couples wed,

People lived life,

But the prince only saw from afar.


Full of questions and full of ice,

Where was my warmth,

Where was my joy,

Where was my princess.


When the prince had lost all hope,

As if almost by magic,

A self proclaimed fairy made her appearance,

And this fairy was a fairy like no other,

Her magic warmed the prince,

And brought color to his pale cheeks.


The prince invited the fairy,

To return to the clock tower castle with him,

And a long the way the fairy grew to love the town,

And the prince rejoiced,

Would he no longer have to walk the cobbled streets alone?


Hours turned to days,

And days to weeks,

Happiness overflowed,

And joy glazed over the clock tower prince,

He held the fairy as his own.


Fair fairy of mine,

That has brought me happiness and warmth,

Leave not and stay here with me,

My princess to be wed leave me not,

And swear to me this oath,

And I swear to you my undying love and devotion.


Straight away the fairy swore to him that oath,

That she would be his princess,

That she would love her prince,

And never leave him.


Happiness overtook the clock tower castle,

As the prince with his new princess walked the cobbled streets,

Hand in hand,

Embrace with embrace.


Then there came a day when princess had to leave,

The prince called out to her,

Your oath my fair princess,

Leave me not,

But the fates had conspired.


The prince mixed with the princess,

In the magic work of love,

To plead an unsought farewell once the sun rose,

To his loved and cherished princess.


No king or queen,

No brother or sister,

No fair princess,

The prince wept and returned to his room amidst the clock tower castle.


He awaited the day his princess would return,

With his heart in his hand he did all he could for her return,

But the princess sent word that she would not return,

That some other noble had from the past held her heart,

And the prince wept and wept and wept,

And he pleaded to the heavens to return to him his princess.


The princess would return in time,

And the prince rejoiced,

But the noble had hurt his heart,

He asked the princess to make a solemn oath again,

That she would never plot such intrigue to harm him,

And straight away she did.


The fates were not with the prince though,

As the princess would be taken away time and time again,

Amidst and tears and pleas,

But he swore his love to the princess,

And nonetheless charged forth into the future.


The prince would wait for his princess,

Forever and ever,

Always and always,

Because this beautiful, wonderful, warm princess,

Meant more to him than the world itself.


When the time was to come,

For the prince to reunite for the last time,

With his fair princess,

The fates once again conspired.


The prince fell into darkness once more,

With every visit he yearned to never have to bid farewell ever again,

But time and time again that was all he could do,

Questions pervaded his mind,

Would the princess ever yield to him her life,

Her plans,

Was he forever to be an after thought to the people she loved,

Why has his time been so limited,

Why has fate conspired against his happiness,

To ice.


Yet more came,

Would the princess ever truly be his,

Could she ever be,

Would she ever return for good,

Why has she known another,

When she is my fair princess,

Why has another known her for longer than I,

Would this prince of the clock tower ever feel God’s grace.


As the days pass,

The prince continues to wait,

To wonder if death be his only escape,

From the pain he feels,

To grapple with the fires of his mind,

To feel the grip of the ice prince of the clock tower on shoulder,

To look up to the heavens,

By the river his princess so loves.


What be the fate of the prince,

To lose his loved princess,

And to never again know happiness,

To lose everything in one foul swing,

While others rejoice and partake in the love,

Of the princess who wants to hold all to himself.


The prince can still be found,

By the river,

Asking the creator of the heavens and earth,

If he who made all others,

Made the prince.


A prince without a cause,

A prince without a pause,

Of the hilltop clock tower castle,

Waiting for his one and only fair princess.