Raymond A. Guzman

So there’s this story or proverb that involves, a man, his faith, a flood, and his life. I’m not sure of its origins and while I could do some extensive research, perhaps that’s best left for the reader of this to do if he/she wishes. How does the story go?

A man has been in his home for days. Stormy weather, rain, and downpours are quickly flooding everything. As the days pass by the man is forced onto his roof to escape the incoming waters. He prays continually to God. He holds steadfast in his faith and knows that God will save him. As time passes by a man approaches with a boat. He’s a neighbor and says to the man, “Quickly, get inside my boat.” The man replies, “No, I will wait here. I have faith. I pray to God and he will save me.” With this, his neighbor…

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